pastillas efectivas para adelgazar rapido sin rebote(non-registered)
pastillas efectivas para adelgazar rapido sin rebote
Beth Carrington Brown(non-registered)
Hi Michael:
These are great! I love how you capture the colors in the "old, rusty and crusty".
You have a great eye and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Jacob Campbell, Aberdeen, Scotland(non-registered)
Hey Michael! Finally got round to looking at your photos! Great stuff man, I'm quite into "Steampunk", old, rusty things, so this is great for me. Absolutely love it! :D
Cary McNew(non-registered)
Love your photos. wonderful !!!!
Patty Barrow(non-registered)
Very nice photos Mike!!
Rob Hofmann(non-registered)
Very Texas- very cool Mike!
Country Superstar(non-registered)
Great stuff.... especially like the new HDR pictures!!
Neat job Andy! As you know my hobby was photography for many years and I even worked as a photographer, reporter for a while. I have a lot of pictures from "way back". It is wonderful to have memories tied to something you can look at.
What about some great pictures of Buffalo and old cars that some of us recognize? Good luck with your project.
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